After Nepal, Thailand was the perfect place to relax and rest. Here we enjoyed the beautiful beaches, delicious Thai food and fruit. We learned to dive and we got PADI certificates. We also made many friends with whom we spent Christmas.


We were surprised to find a city much more modern than we imagined, with heavy traffic and varied food stalls all over.
The best way to get around is by taxi. It is quite cheap and convenient, but you can pay by meter or agree a price before, mostly it’s better value to pay what the meter indicates. We did not use the tuk tuks, although they are faster they’re  always trying to trick you to stop at numerous stores, from which they receive commissions.

What did we visit?

  • Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha.
    Grand PalaceIt is an architectural wonder and home to the venerable Emerald Buddha. Initially, most of the buildings were made of wood and painted in gold colour, except the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, made from concrete. The Grand Palace served as the official residence of King Rama I to King Rama VIII




  • Wat Saket (Golden Mountain)
    Wat SaketSerpentine steps wind trough an artificial hill shaded by gnarled trees and at the peak there is a breezy 360-degree view Bangkok’s most photogenic side.

  • Wat Pho or Sleeping Buddha
    Wat PhoWat Pho is also known as Wat Phra Chetuphon among the Thais. It is the largest and oldest Wat in Bangkok besides housing more than 1,000 Buddha images, most from the ruins of the former capitals Ayuthaya and Sukhothai.
    Wat Pho also shelters a huge impressive gold plated reclining Buddha statue of 46 meters long and 15 meters high.

  • Democracy Monument
    DemocraciaCommemorates the 1932 revolution that ended the absolute monarchy and introduced Siam's first constitution. The design of the monument is full of symbolism.

  • Giant Swing

    In the centre of the busy square in front of Wat Suthat stands one of Bangkok's most eye-catching sights, the 27-m (88-ft) high teak frame of the so-called Giant Swing. This used to be the focus of a religious ceremony held every year in December after the rice harvest.

  • King Rama Monument
    King RamaAt the Bangkok end of the Memorial Bridge stands the King Rama I Monument, dedicated to the king who founded the Chakri dynasty and established the capital in Bangkok in 1782.

  • Wat Arun Ratchawararam
    Wat Arun

    Often called The Temple of Dawn, it is one of the most remarkable visual symbols of Bangkok. The imposing Khmer-style prang or tower is 67 metres tall and decorated with bits of porcelain. It is surrounded by four smaller prangs.

  • ChinaTown
    China TownPacked with market stalls, street-side restaurants, Chinese medicine stores and probably the greatest concentration of gold shops in the city
    Today, Bangkok’s Chinatown is a popular tourist attraction and a food haven

  • Ping Pong Show
    Ping Pong The last day we went to the world famous Ping Pong Show, a unique show that perhaps you can only see in Thailand.
    The drivers of the tucs-tucs often offer you to bring you there for a reasonable price.  The price was different to that we agreed by the driver, but since we were there we decided to enter. The place was pretty shabby, dark and full of tourists. The entry includes a drink which is not much quality.
    The show consists of being twenty performances in which ladies show their different vaginal skills while they are dancing. We have to say that they are very virtuous in dance art but their other talents include:

    Shoot Ping Pong balls in a bowl from some distance away. Although the girl was very talented, she wasn’t accurate 100% as some would bounce into the audicence - so we don’t recommend sitting in front.
    Open a bottle of coca-cola. Highly acclaimed performance.
    Drinking water from the vagina and apparently urinating coca-cola. Fortunately, our refreshment was not a coca-cola
    Blow out the candles on a cake.
    Throwing darts and explode balloons. Here she was 100% accurate.
    Smoking and making  smoke circles
    Pull out a lot of colourful  clothes.
    Shoot bananas and catch them while flying.
    Etc. ...

Where did we stay?

PenPark Place Hotel
Spacious and clean. Located in a quiet area, 10 minutes walk from Khao San Road.
฿ 600 Double room without bathroom
Wifi: Yes, but the connection was interrupted too often

Hostal CH2
The worst hotel we have in Thailand, but pay for what you get. We couldn’t find anything better since we didn’t book in advance
฿ 200 Double room without bath.


Koh Phangan

Koh PhanganWorldwide known for its full moon parties, which are hosted on the southern island. We stayed three days in Sabaii Bay near the main town Thong Sala where the ferries arrive. In this part of the island there are many restaurants and shops, but a shame that the beaches are not very clean. We really liked the Saturday market, which offers mainly food and clothing. Then we went to the North of the island, more quiet and where the beaches are paradisiacal, white sand, turquoise water, and swimming about fifty metres you can see coral and many colourful fish.

Where did we st?

Sabaii Bay Resort
One of the best resorts we've been in Thailand, a shame that the beach does not match
400 ฿ Hut with fan and bathroom  near to the beach
 Wifi: Yes, very good coverage throughout the resort

Had Salad Villa
We went to this site on the recommendation of Ardashir and Leticia (Mexican couple who met in India) and it really did not disappoint.
The rooms are spacious and clean, there is even a fridge. We loved the quiet beach- like paradise. There were only 3 resorts and this was the cheapest to stay and to eat. We would have liked to stay longer but we wanted to learn to dive and we went another island, Koh Tao.
Here we relaxed and made trips to other beaches, Coral Beach, Koh Maa.
400 ฿ Hut with fan and bathroom near to the beach
Wifi: Yes, in the restaurant


Koh Tao

Koh TaoDiving paradise, the island certifies more divers than any other place in the world. There are countless schools, we went shopping around and at the end we decided to do the PADI Open Water course with Easy Divers, for value and the number of dives. Our instructor was Basque, very nice and professional.
We did the course with Esteban and Isa, a gas man from Madrid y girl from Zaragoza. We had a great time underwater and on the surface. We also met many Spanish, who were doing the master diver and helping in the dives. We celebrated Christmas together.
We enjoyed the open water course so much that we did the advanced level course, which consisted of four dives, one to improve floatability,  a night dive, another underwater navigation and orientation  and the last dive to 30 meters.

PADI Open Water certificate with six dives cost ฿ 8000
PADI Advanced Level Certificate with four dives cost ฿ 7500

Where did we stay?

Easy resort
300-400 ฿ basic huts with bathroom. We took the theory classes in this resort. It was close to the diving school and pier. First we booked through the diving school and It cost 400 ฿, but after we booked through the resort and it was cheaper 300 ฿
Wifi: Yes, in the restaurant / reception area and some nearby cabins

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi PhiOne of the most popular tourist islands located between the large island of Phuket and the western Andaman Sea coast of the mainland. The island became internationally famous when the movie The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio was filmed there. For our taste is too touristy and loses some of its beauty
We visited Maya Beach (the film The Beach), Monkey Island where there are a lot monkey very fat indeed because of all the food that tourists give them, Mosquito Island, Bamboo Island and we did snorkel.,

Where did we stay?

RS Guesshouse. Well located, cheap to be in Phi Phi.
฿ 700 Double room with fan and bathroom
Wifi: Yes

Chiang Mai

Chiang MaiIt is Located 700 km North of Bangkok, Among The Highest mountains in the country. It is the largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand. We travelled from Bangkok by night train, very comfortable and affordable, it has bunk beds which are quite large and an employee prepares your bed in a second.
In Chiang Mai we visit a lot of temples, got Thai massages, which are much cheaper  than in Bangkok.
We did an organized trekking in the "jungle", quite easy, that includes a visit to one of the many tribes living in the mountains, also an elephant ride, and rafting.

Where did we stay?

Chinda house
Spacious room with fridge and television, well situated in a quiet area.
฿ 300 Double room with fan and bathroom
Wifi: Yes
CH Blue house
We had to change to this hostel because after trekking  the Chinda House was full.. This hostel is also well located and the rooms are fine.
฿ 350 Double room with fan and bathroom
Wifi: Yes

Koh Chang

Koh ChangSince we had a few days before going to Australia, we decided to spend the last days on the beach, so we went to Koh Chang. It is an island east of Thailand at 310 km from Bangkok. We stayed in Lonely Beach; it could be called anything but not lonely. Plenty of bars and restaurants, and everywhere you could hear the music from the pubs until late. We heard that the entire island is not like that.

Where did we stay?

Siam Hut (Lonely Beach)
This resort is crowded, full of backpackers, we did not like because it was very noisy and staff were not nice. The best thing was the beachfront location.
380 ฿ Hut with fan and bathroom
Wifi: Yes, but you have to pay (very expensive).

Little Eden (Lonely Beach)
This resort is on a hill, the huts are very nice. 10 minutes walk distance to the beach
450 ฿ Hut with fan and bathroom
Wifi: Yes, very good coverage in all the resort.

Oasis (Lonely Beach)

We had to change to this resort, as the former did not have rooms. This is located above the little Eden. It was cheaper and has sea views from the terrace.
350 ฿ Hut with fan and bathroom
Wifi: Yes, just covering the dining terrace.


    € 1 ≈ ฿ 40
    1 botle of water≈ ฿13
    1 beer ≈฿ 60 (supermarket)
    1 Pathai (noodles) ≈฿ 60

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