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Once past the border from Russia to Mongolia, after enduring eight hours of bureaucracy, we were looking forward to seeing new horizons and we have to say that it appeared a lot greener and more mountainous than we imagined before.


Little by little we got closer to Ulan-Bator. Huge city, not many high buildings, only those close to the famous Sukhbaatar Square, where there is a large sculpture of Genghis Khan,
There is no harmony in the distribution of the streets. The roads are paved, but many sidewalks are utterly destroyed or unfinished and some sewer covers are missing.
The lighting is poor if you go off the main streets so you have to be careful at night.
UB is a city with dusty roads and heavy traffic with no rules. There are pedestrian crossings and traffic lights but we believe they are just ornaments.
The most interesting things in UB are the museums, folk music, dances and cashmere shops.
The girls are more beautiful than in Irkutsk, but not as much as the ones in St. Petersburg. People are friendlier and more open than in Russia.

What did we do?

  • Sukhbaatar Square.
    SukhbaatarThere is a statue of Genghis Khan escorted by two horse men.

  • Temple of Bodhisattva
    Templo Bodhisattva

    A big disappointment, consisting of eight temples, but only one was open, in which there was a huge golden Buddha that almost did not fit inside. (NO PHOTOS ALLOWED)


  • Choljin Lama Museum
    Choijin LamaReproduction of old Buddhist temples of Lama Choljin, with lots of colourful Gods In front there is a restaurant called Varanda, Food was great.

  • Stage Museote Folk Song & Dance ensemble
    Folk A two hour presentation of Mongolian folklore, music, singing, dancing, contortionists. It's what we liked most during our visit to Ulan Bator.

  • Circus of the state
    After watching the spectacle of Mongolian folklore, the circus was a little disappointing. Nothing special, only a flying bear

  • Zaisan Hill 
    Zaisan Hill
    After eating dinner in the Modern Mongolian Nomads restaurant with our friend Saina, who we met on the train. he gave us a drive around the city. He showed us a spectacular view of the city from the top of the hill where there is a monument to Soviet victory in World War II. Marisol counted 646 steps; this place is very popular with Mongols at any time.

  • Genghis Khan Statue
    GenghisThis statue is located on the way to Terelj National Park. They say that Genghis started his great conquer from there. You can go up until the horse head where is view point

    What did we stay?

Zaya’s hostel: Located in the centre, rather expensive but very clean and comfortable, very good showers .Staff speak good English and very friendly. The price includes basic breakfast consisting of cereals, coffee and toast.
32000 Mongolian Tugrik (or 25 $) Double room shared bathroom

Terelj National Park

TereljAn hour’s drive from Ulan Bator, we spent five days here living with a young family (Nick and Olonga) in a Ger (typical house and a national symbol, still widely used by families in the capital Ulan Bator and in rural areas).
We visited a monastery, located on top of a mountain with beautiful views of the valley. We went for long walks in the woods, and we had the "brilliant idea" of celebrating Marisol's birthday on the back of a horse for 6 hours. The landscape was spectacular, the tour, including swimming in the river with Nick trying to fish dinner was wonderful , but imagine our backside when we finished the ride. At night, we celebrated with the Mongolian family and  their lovely friends, We drank a lot of Mongolian vodka.
30000 Tugrik by Ger meal included and “The Jacks” - in the field.


€1 ≈ 1380 Mongolian Tugrik
1 bottle of water ≈ 450 Tugrik
1 beer ≈ 1000 Tugrik
Bread ≈ 500 Tugrik
1 Bus ticket  = 200 Tugrik


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